Printer Scheduling Excel SS

I have a bunch of printing that I want to complete before Christmas, and I ended up making a spreadsheet to schedule it out.


It’s pretty easy to use.

  • Enter your typical changeover time at the top for cleaning the bed and changing filament.
  • If you do automatic bed leveling before each print, enter the time that takes at the top.
  • The spreadsheet calculates future start & completion times based on the "Print Hours" and actual "Start Time" you enter for the previous print.
  • As you start prints, manually enter the actual "Start Time" and change the formatting to white (the formatting change isn't necessary--I just like to make manual entry cells white and formulas gray)
  • You can change the order of future prints by doing right-click "Shift Down and Move". I used offset() functions in the calculated cells so that they continue to work correctly as you shuffle the future schedule.
The spreadsheet is attached as a ZIP. I made it in Excel, but if you have another application that opens XLSX it should work fine. If you have a busy printing schedule, give it a try.

Printing (9.21 KB)

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 3.28.44 PM.png

I usually create an folder in OctoPrint and upload all files I want to print and then just click them one by another. Since they get sorted by upload date, I already have a proper sorting.

Of course this is not helping with the filament choice and change, but usually it works for me.

If a print fails your list needs adjustments, too.

I feel so unorganized when I see what you guys do, but then I only have one printer and have to keep giving away most of what I make so I don’t run out of space in my little apartment.