Help with freecad please

I’m just trying to create box that will hang on the wall by one screw. I can create the box easily but there are a couple of problems.
I want the face to have of the box to be dipped. and the counter sunk hole in the back.

how to create the dip on the face on a padded box is a mystery to me.

This box will mount to the wall and just hold a battery charger when not being used.
The dimensions are in the drawing I did. Dont care about how much dip there is in the from just as long as I can put the screw in.


Hi, I attached a simple design that should hit your demands.

It is fully constrained, so you should be able to use your own measurements. Just keep in mind that my design is using the inner dimensions as references, so the entire box is two times the wall thickness bigger than the measurement. The wall size is defined in the thickness part, which makes the box hollow.

DrVax_ExampleBox.FCStd (50.7 KB)

Hi @getit

Thanks for this. It’s perfect!
For some reason I cannot edit it.

Probably because I used the latest pre release 0.19 version available for linux.

You FreeCAD version did not even load it properly, as I named all my operations in list and it shows unnamed in yours.

0.19 of FreeCAD is expected to be released in march and it is already in feature freeze mode, so till then only bug fixes will be done.


Yeah I guess your right. I reinstalled freecad but the latest version for windows is 0.18. I guess I have to wait for them to upgrade the windows version


You can find the pre release version here;…s/tag/0.19_pre

For some reason the windows version is even more recent than the one I used on linux.

Hi @Geit

I can’t seem to find any binaries off that link. Do I need to compile all the code?

If you scroll down you will find an assets section, where all versions are listed.

This should be the proper link. You need z-zip or win rar to unpack.

yes, @Geit is absolutely correct: although it’s not yet the official stable release version. 0.19 for Windows is readily available (has been since the middle of last year).

Thanks @Geit

Another question for you!

I make a box but I want the bottom to be thicker than the walls? How can I do that?

Well, in that case I would simply create a sketch on XY plane and place a square with the inner size and extrude the wall thickness of the bottom.

To make it look less messy I would suggest to modify the existing thickness-usage and enabled pipe mode to not create a bottom surface in the first place. This way you can even create a thinner bottom wall compared to the side walls as you start with nothing.

Ill give that a try.


I was going to say, simply extrude (i.e. pad) the bottom to the thickness you want.

Which is what I said. :smiley:

Hi All

Adding another pad to the bottom of the box worked perfect.