Spooky mansion

Hi, I’m KJ, and I 3D print miniatures mostly since august last year, for my Sylvanian Families aka Calico Critters. I’m disabled, and it has brought back all the creativity I had since MS put a stop to being crafty mostly. I’s been such a joy!

I looked into 3D printing details before buying my first printer. I watched a gazillion YouTube vids, and stumbled onto MakeWithTech, which has helped me so much! Thanks Mr. Shapiro!

My first big project started 8 months ago. I converted a 3D model into a 3D print. I tried to find a way so that fans of the dolls, who were thinking about buying a 3D printer, could do it themselves, without having to toss around with difficult programs to use. This is my blog of that journey: https://pigjes.wixsite.com/sylvanian-invasion/post/spooktacular-turning-a-3d-drawing-into-a-3d-print-part-1---7-the-musing

And for all of you who do not want to read all the blogs, here’s the result. I created a story for it, so it would be more interesting to watch. The mansion, and most of what is inside, is 3D printed. Hope you will enjoy this! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8ch050

Welcome KJ. While it’s certainly sad to hear of your health issues, it’s also great to hear that 3D printing has helped you so much. I wish you continued good times with it.

Thanks! And also thank you for the welcome!

Using 3D models to tell a story is a great idea! It feels like reading a children’s book.

Glad you liked it!