3D printing to do storytelling

My newest inspiration for Sylvanian storytelling, and results with a vid. Hope the inner child in some of you still enjoys that.


Strange I went to watch your video and when I clicked on the link it would open and start to play, I heard a couple of quick pops and the entire screen goes white. Tried this several times.

Very strange indeed, as it works each time I try. Does your PC block Dailymotion as adverts, maybe?

My ad blocker in Sarfi thought your video was an ad so it blocked it. As soon as I said it was ok you vid played. I must say that was cute, was you husband doing both male voices?

Have you ever considered writing children’s book using your dioramas? You are certainly good at story telling.

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Uh, oh, you make me blush, lol! Thanks!

I already make comics about guinea pigs weekly, free to read, for Facebook. Selling those to recover at least some of the data storage costs over the years has been a bust. I recuperated about 100$ of thousands of $ to store the lot. I’m not motivated to create more books anymore, I’m afraid.

The voices are all AI. They sound so real these days, it’s incredible! I just guessed that nobody would want to hear our Schwartzenegger style English accent, rofl, so AI was the best option.