Solid infill

Hi all, I’m printing a rc plane, some areas such as the control services require a solid infill, for instance the rudder first 6mm, needs to be solid, and then no infill at all, I’m using the latest version off cura, and struggling to get the first 6mm solid, would appreciate any help, skyler

Hi, sorry new to 3D printing myself, but LOVE Radio Control gliders. Have you done any printing yet, would love to see photos. Good luck…

First part off the fuselage, will post more, and keep updated, Skyler

If you open Cura’s print settings drop down menu & type wall into the search box, you will find the 1st entry under Shell is Wall Thickness. You can specify the 6mm you want in there.

If you then clear the search box and enter infill you will find Infill Density as the 1st item in the Infill section. You can set it to 0.

The most important part after that is to check the model after slicing. Use the vertical slider to ensure the profile of the model is what you want.

Hi Skyler, Thanks very much for the photograph; it is appreciated. I would NEVER have thought about creating a flying model in 3D, but on reflection, what a GREAT idea! I am really interested in your project, and would appreciate any updates when it is convenient. Let me know if I can help in any way?