Nozzle bumping into infill lines/walls

Day 3 with my first printer.

Anycubic Kobra Max. I used Pronterface to adjust PID for the bed and hot end. Adjusted eSteps. Ran the bed leveling. Using a 0.8 mm nozzle and a good quality filament.

Cura slicer default settings–except the nozzle was changed to 0.8 mm in the extruder tab. 0.6 mm layer height. Infill pattern is grid. Bed at 60 C and hot end at 195 C, very little to no stringing

It prints the bottom layers beautifully but when it gets to the infill walls the nozzle bumps into the perpendicular lines. It sounds like a train bumping over the tracks and I can see the nozzle contacting the infill walls/lines.

Any help would be much appreciated.

First thing to come to my mind is the z-offset is off. What does the 1st layer look like?

Take a short video with your phone and post it. Get up as close as you can.

First printer so I am no expert, but from all the video’s I have watched everything looks beautiful until it starts the infill walls–specifically the first infill walls/lines that cross over the first lines it laid down.

I don’t actually know what where to adjust the z offset.

As a reference it runs all the infill lines in one direction, then does the diagonal direction and “bumps” into the existing lines where the circles are in the image below.

I tried reducing the infill layer height to 0.4 but that did not resolve the issue.

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you could try using Gyroid infill.

I ran the bed leveling again, lowered the speed from 80 to 70, and switched the infill from grid to lines, and it seems to have mostly done the trick.

Thanks guys =)

Line infill will help, but Gyroid would likely help even more. There are basically no conflicts with it.

Slowing down print speed – the “chicken soup” fix for my 3D printer problems (or at least to help sort issues out). ?

FYI: This is a great site identifying and fixing common printer issues:


In Cura, I have installed the Plugin Settings guide which helps to identify various print settings that may help you.
To avoid the problem you seem to be experiencing, I have found a couple of settings worthy of some experimentation:
1 Avoid printed parts when travelling
2 Z Hop when retracted
It helped me…hope it can help you