screw in thermistor for hot end

A few months ago I bought a screw in thermistor for my enders pro hot end and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, Mine broke and I am trying to find a replaxement but rhe same thg on is $50 or so Can and on it was like $12 US but they are out of stock. I have no idea why they even cost $12 because they are nothing but I hate the fiddly usual ones. They are supposed to be good for nearly all Chinese 3d printers. Does anyone know where to get them for a dexent price and not a 3 month wait?

Amazon US shows them in stock. Or, you could try the manufacturer – Gulf Coast Robotics.


Wow, only $10US from Gulf Coast. Even with exchange & shipping it should be quite affordable.

The main issues with thermistors is that they may not come into contact with the inside of the heater block or due to the movement of the heater block rattle inside returning different values over time depending on the position.

Thats why you need to insert them all the way in, until the touch the end of the hole and tighten the screw between the wires, without breaking the insulation, which cause false readings.

You would not believe how many I broke.

Wow thwy really qant to stick me for postage. It’s more than the thermistor. I will just wait for a Canadian supplier to get back to me. Thanks for your help Alan.

Still, $23 to fix the problem doesn’t seem sooo bad.

I will spend it rather than fiddle with those cheap things that is for sure.

I recently bought a badge of 10 for 8,99 or so, because I had the insulation broken after the hotend got all gunked up, but I fixed it with some kapton tape, so they are all in stock now.

You are talking about the fiddly little ones that break and crush. Yeah they are cheap I had a bunch of them. I want the one with a brass fitting that screws into the hot end and a quick connect.

Actually I got mixed up I did order from Gulf Coast and am paying in USD. I have these sorts of days.

Yes, I intentional did that. Once mounted correctly they work just fine.

Just a side note: When replacing them you should make sure they are the same type or your temperatures will be all over the place. In that case you need to compile the firmware of your printer to make it recognize the new sensor version. Usually a version is used that is 100K on 25°C or so. But even if that is true the curve can be different.

I think it will be immediately apparent if there is a problem.

I could have bought them on and had two for the price of one and actually less . Less for delivery etc. $Can instead of $US. I have already ordered the other and I think it will last till I sell my Ender 3 pro and buy the duel printer head that Ender 5r is getting. After I see how he likes it.

This is what I could have had, instead of paying $24 US.

True, but look at the shipping time. It’s nothing too unusual for stuff coming from China, and it’s fine if your project has taken that time into account, but it could be a problem if you need it soon.

I could print if I had to but I will wait till it gets here. A break might be good for my addled brain. I think it will be here soon because it is stocked in the USA. I think it isin stock in Canada too because it’s small and cheap and they make a terrific profit margin on it.

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider printing if my thermistor was broken.

I think that would be difficult. I do have a couple of fiddly thermistors but I don’t care to use them.

I think you’re right: the printer would refuse to print if the temp never gets up to where it’s supposed to be.