screw in thermistor for hot end

Exactly. I hate to remember how much time I wasted with thermistors.

I shall consider myself lucky to not having had any issues with mine, although I’ve only had it since May 28th.

My problem at first was that I didn’t understand how they worked. Even after I understood I still found them very fiddly and frustrating. The best thing I ever did for my printer was get a screw in thermistor. It was so much easier.

I guess the main issue with the cheap fiddly ones is, that once you have them successfully installed, you need to ensure the wires are tight and bound to the hot end. The wires at the tip of the thermistors are so thin, they won´t survive multiple bending operations like e.g. fan or heater wires.

The end needs to be fixated to the heater cables using kapton tape. The more robust wire after the head shrink like insulation is fine to use used in places where it can be moved and bend.

When the print head gets moved the thin wires must not be bend at all. Or it will fail during your first few prints.

It becomes a nightmare if you spend a lot of time playing with the hotend.

All in all, it seems like the screw in ones are just easier.

You wouldn’t believe the difference. You don’t have to fiddle. The quick disconnect makes it even easier.