Silly Questions on new Hot End/DD Setup


Got some questions about a project I’m about to embark on…

The printer is an Ender 3 Pro running a Creality 4.2.2 board with a 2.x version of Marlin that I have modified and flashed to the printer. The printer is running a BL Touch. Right now, outside of the added ABL and updated firmware the printer is stock. I’ve been 3D printing exclusively PLA for the last 12 months.

I have purchased, and is now sitting on my desk, a new Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive all Metal hot end. And in the next day or two a TH3D dual Z kit to add a second lead screw and timing belt to the Z axis will arrive.

I have a few questions that I’m not able to confirm after searching the 'net. My short term goal is to print PETG and TPU as well as PLA. Right now nothing fancy or exotic.

Question 1 - Is there any need to raise the max hot end temp in firmware? To me it appears the 260 max set in firmware should be enough to handle these new plastics.

Question 2 - If I need or want to raise the max hot end temp will the stock thermistor survive? From my research and watching videos of the extruder/hot end install there is plastic insulation at the business end of the thermistor that I understand is PTFE. I’m concerned this will melt/deteriorate when the temps increase beyond the 260 range.

Question 3 - Anyone on the forum use this particular product on and Ender 3 and if so how did it go and has it worked?

Thank you

PETG and TPU should not need temps even as high as 260C. I print most PETG @230C. I have not printed TPU but I gather it prints even cooler.

Regarding the MicroSwiss, I had a lot of trouble with mine. You can read about it here: Question For Micro Swiss Hardened Steel Nozzle Owners - MakeWithTech Community Forum. I am not saying you will have the same problems, but I have had to switch back to the Creality hotend. I am still using the MicroSwiss extruder however.