Roses for my Granddaughter

My 5-year-old granddaughter explained to me that it was “not fair” that I do 3d printing projects with my older grandchildren but not her. So we selected a vase and some roses and I showed her how we could make them.

I have printed all of these items on a Flashforge Creator Pro 2 while testing out the new Flashprint version 5 – which is quite nice but still not as full-featured as PrusaSlicer or Cura. On the other hand, it is tightly integrated with the Flashforge Machines.

An advantage of the Creator Pro 2 is that it is enclosed so she can watch it print safely and the enclosure keeps her from trying to touch anything.

Here is the vase and one rose already printed. Stems are coat hangers. I put glass beads in the vase to hold the stems in place and weigh them down. I used hot glue to hold the stem in a hole on the bottom of the rose. I found the rose and vase on Thingiverse. (Sorry I did not save the links.)

I used Materhacker Build PLA Filament at 200c with a .18 layer height and 15% infill. The vase was printed in vase mode which seems to work well in Flashpoint. I printed directly from an iMac and Flashprint handles this quite well. It copies the file to the printer and then you can use it to monitor the print or just close down Flashprint.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name: rose.jpg Views: 0 Size: 3.48 MB ID: 11295”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“11295”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“800”,“title”:“rose.jpg”,“width”:“600”}[/ATTACH]

Two move flowers printing in duplication mode on the IDEX FlashForge Creator Pro 2:

[video=youtube_share;-sGmoKeQiFo]Duplication Mode on IDEX Printer - YouTube

Yes, it is a bit noisy. 61 to 63 DB.

If the bed looks non-standard it is because I just installed the magnetic removable bed. Getting prints off the bed inside the enclosure was painful.

Nice. I’m not likely to have any grandchildren, so I can’t relate to your experience, but it’s nice to hear that she so much wants to do things with her grandpa.

Your so right about the noise. I never used 1 myself, but I recall watching videos of previous generation 3D printers & their older style stepper drivers. The sing-song, almost musical sound is unmistakable. And, oddly, it gets annoying pretty quickly. Thank goodness it’s an enclosed printer.

@Lugat, let’s take this to a separate thread. Copy the relevant part of your post, start a new topic in the “3d Printing / Slicers / Setup / Problems” forum, & paste the text in the new post.

I have an Ender 5 Pro & I think I see a problem that I had with my brand new printer.