More about the Flashforge Creator Pro 2

I’ve been spending a lot of time with this printer and learned the following.

  • I have my doubts about the Z offset setting video on the front panel. I found I have to manually level the bed, and set it quite close to the nozzle, for my prints to stick without a raft.

  • I replaced the bed surface with BuildTak and it really made no difference.

  • I tried to use various Github-provided solutions to get Cura to work with this printer with no success so far.

  • FlashPrint seems to have a bug that if your print has a height of less than 2mm the top surface is not properly finished. It is left very rough.

  • Print quality on details greater than about 3 mm is quite good but the print quality on small lettering is terrible. This might be the slicer, time will tell.

  • The email support from Frlashforge is quite timely. Basically 24 hours turnaround but they might be using a computer translator since the English exchange is not great.

  • Trying a detailed print at a .10 layer height now to see if this helps.

  • Tried variable layer heights in FlashPrint and found it tricky to set up.

I will report more info here as I learn it.