New Video Review Comparing Artist-D Pro and Creator Pro 2

I have just posted a new review comparing the JG Maker Artist-D Pro and the FlashForge Creator Pro 2. While I enjoyed working with both of these 3d printers, they target very different markets.

If possible, help me out, and feel free to repost the link to the video on other forums where you participate.

A clickable link to the video is listed below the YouTube shortcut.

While working with the Artist-D for this review, I think I perfected the best way to level the print bed without hacking out the center post. I will write this up and post it here in the next couple of days.

I am always interested in your observations, both when you agree with me and when you disagree.

[video=youtube_share;4xg8vFIB-MM]Two Dual Material IDEX 3d Printers Compared - YouTube

LOL, hacking out the center post – not a solution I had considered. But, now you have me intrigued to find out if your sol’n is similar in any way to mine. Shall we put our solutions in separate envelopes & swap them?? ?

Good video @irvshapiro1. I would point out that nozzle height is more complicated than depicted, in that the firmware Z Offset setting is useless in Duplication & Mirror modes. Thinking about it, it becomes obvious that it just isn’t possible to adjust the nozzle height dynamically when both printheads are in use at the same time. For that to work, at least 1 of the printheads would have to motorized, so the firmware could adjust its nozzle height separately from the other printhead at print time. That would add mass to the printhead assembly; not desirable. The other option, which I talked about in another thread, is to have at least 1 of the printhead assemblies equipped with its own height adjustment wheel, much like those used to level the printbed. This is a project I think is worthwhile persuing on the Artist D.

ps: I like the analogy to a sewing machine.