List of improvements for Artist-D Pro

Hello, I’m new to 3D printing in general and dove head first with the Kickstarter purchase of the Artist-D Pro. I have printed a few basic things like a benchy which seemed fined to me but I’ve seen various YouTube videos about the shortcomings of the artist-d along with reading posts online. It’s a little difficult to keep up with all the information and I was curious if there is a list of improvements that one should consider making to the printer. I’m happy to tinker with the printer and am not really interested in selling it at this time.

I don’t know about a list, but I started this thread a while back: [U][/U]

One of the best improvements I’ve made is to replace the OEM purge buckets with a design I got from thingiverse.

Every body has an opinion about different printers. This printer has very few upgrades available. The purge bucket that @Ender5r does not work on all models of the Artist-D pro. It will not work on my printer. I was eager to use it. Connections of the purge bucket changed on newer models.
The only advise I can give is to very carefully level the bed with the left nozzle (E1) and when you are satisfied use a mm ruler and measure the gantry bar ( the one the two nozzles (E1 & E2) move on and make sure it is equal distance on both sides of the bed and gantry bar. Then, proceed to set the right nozzle (E2).
Also, I have noticed that my printer requires hotter nozzle temperatures for some filaments. Do a test for each filament when you use one.
@Ender5r has a lot of experience I do not have, he is always willing to help anyone.

Thanks for the link and the pointers. I had a heck of a time leveling the bed originally and getting the offset correct for both extruders. I was planning on updating the purge buckets given the current ones are useless and are just piling up with hardened filament.

Yeah, the OEM purge buckets are pretty bad. The replacement ones I printed are much better, so much so that I really have got to figure out a way to make 1 for my Ender 5.

Re: bed levelling/tramming. Since there is a fixed height post under the center of the bed, it seems the only way to level/tram it is to 1st get the center at the correct height, then adjust the corners to match the center; pretty much the opposite of most 3D printers.