Print Bed Temperature

I have been working to be able to print a flower with my printer, have been on this for several days. I finally got it to where it is printing reasonably. The one, at least at this point, remaining issue is that several points seem to want to release from the bed. The stem, since it is thin is a prime example.

This flower is for my wife, she is having spine surgery and I would like to give it to her when I see her after the surgery.

The question is, each filament has a range of bed temperatures and does going to the high end or the low end have any effect on how well thin parts of a print adhere to the bed. It only happens after the print is about half done and is costing too much time to figure this out.

Thanks in advance.

Generally speaking for PLA you want a bed temp of 60c Without seeing the flower it’s hard to say why the pedals aren’t sticking, going to guess not enough surface area. Might want to try a brim, I will take a little cleanup after the print is finished but shouldn’t be to bad.

Thanks, I just read a page that had 6 things to check and my next attempt is going to be with a brim. Thanks for the response. It really helps narrow it down. The the stem is about 7mm to 10mm. I don’'t know because I haven’t made one enough to measure. If push comes to shove I will just cut off the bad part of the stem.

@Gramps unfortunately it is not PLA but PETG. The only color of PLA I have is black and I didn’t think a black rose would be appropriate after surgery. I’ll include an image of it if I can get it far enought.

I did the following reasoning: When I attempt to pull an object from the printer when the bed is hot it is difficult to remove and when I let the bed cool to room temperature it is easy to remove. So on a whim I set the bed temperature to the high value of the filament and it worked. Not sure the result will be consistent, may not ever print one of these again.

@Gramps Thanks for your help.


For PETG I normally set the bed temperature to 70c and will start at the middle of the recommended printing temps. PETG doesn’t like to be printed fast so you need to slow everything down.

Looking at the picture I don’t think you would need a brim and it would be a pain for that print too. Also not all PETGs are the same I have several rolls of Inland PETG that I was never able to get to stick to the build plate. For a long time I thought it was me until I heard one of the respected #d printing YouTubers say that he could never get Inland PETG to print either. I typically use Polymaker or Overture for PETG.

I agree a black rose would not be appropriate to give to the wife after surgery might send the wrong message. :slight_smile:

FWIW, Inland PETG sticks at 80C (85C first layer) for me. This is on a printer with an Ultrabase-like glass build plate.


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