Brim won’t release

I’m using Ender 3 and the Crealty slicer. PLA 200c nozzle and 60c bed temp. I had no problems through many prints in the past but now the brim is stuck to the part and wont release to the point of destroying the print

does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Do you mean removing the brim from the print or removing it from the print bed?

Usually a print releases around 50°C from the print bed. At least on glass that is.

If you use a textured surface, you may be to close to the bed. The result is that the plastic gets pressed (more impregnated) into the surface using the texture as a massive point of fixture.

Ah, that makes more sense. I couldn’t quite understand how you wouldn’t be able to remove a brim. Yeah, sometimes rafts can be tricky to remove. I’ve had some success by using an extra layer on the top of the raft, making it quite smooth. That seems to allow the part to release more easily.

Try increasing the “Raft Air Gap” setting. (Or, maybe use a brim and make it wider!?)


Instead of using a raft, I do a brim, supports and “support brim” enabled.

They work basically the same, but the “raft” prints 10 times faster.

All you need to do is placing your model a few mm above the build plate and slice it. For me this works perfect all the time. I specifically only use it for ABS printing and to prevent lifting, but it works with every material where support is possible.

Just since yesterday I have found that I dont need a raft or a brim for PLA. The print takes less time and uses less material because nothing is wasted

thanks for the replies from everyone