POM Wheels on Filament Spool Holder

Here is a simple upgrade for common frame mount spool holders. It replaces plastic stalk, and incorporates washer retainer as a safety lock.
Axle is fabricated from 5mm aluminum rod stock 100mm long, ends threaded with M5 x 0.8 die. POM rollers are 24mm OD, 11mm width, 5mm ID.

This upgrade helps filament unload, yet has a small amount of friction to avoid freewheel motion.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 17.37.07.jpg

I did something similar, but not as detailed as yours. I printed a spool with built-in nubs on the 2 ends. 608 bearings fit on the nubs, which then sit in a cradle that’s attached to OEM metal Creality spool holder bracket.