Plugins for Cura 4.x vs 5.x

A few months ago I upgraded from Cura 4.13 to 5.2. When I tried to add the Plugin “Custom Supports” to 5.2 it didn’t work nearly as well as 4.13 so I went back and use 4.13.
Apparently this plug in was version 0.1.0 and written by a third party - worked great in my opinion, esp for tall, thin prints.
Did Ultimaker/Cura do anything to improve supports in 5.x to replace these optional supports? Could I be something wrong?

Thanks for the post! I just realized I had been using it in 4.12. In 5.12, I use “Custom Cylindric Support” by 5axes. The latter seems to have similar functionality, if not quite as easy to use.


Thank you Alan,

I tried Custom Cylindrical Support in 4.13 but it was not as effective as Custom Supports.

I’ll try again. Can 5.3 instance run alongside 4.13 or do I still have to do the uninstall old and install new so I can have access to 4.13?

You can have both instances installed at the same time. I never delete an old version when installing a new one (just say “no” when asked during installation!). The only exception is that the 5.3 release and the 5.3 xmas-alpha (with the redesigned tree supports) cannot coexist (I use 5.2.1 when I need to).


P.S. – The “5.12” in my previous post should have read “5.2.1”.