PLA Meta Filament - A New type?

Sunlu PLA META filament?PLA Meta

They claim it is lower temperature and stronger than regular PLA - apparently similar to PLA+.

Any insights, thoughts or tips using this type of filament?


I’ve used matte PLA with some success some was better than others even in the same brand. My guess is that the Meta is a marketing term for Matte or a bad translation for such. Sun is a pretty reputable brand though I’ve never used it.

If you scroll down at the link he supplied, there’s a description of what this kind of filament iis. They claim that it flows better, doesn’t clog the nozzle as easily, has a lower melting temperature, and is as strong as pla+.

Never used it. I have had very good luck with the various PLA blends from MatterHackers. In general I find they string less than generic PLA.

Actually it is a marketing term, which means modified version of PLA and its performance is better than their regular PLA and PLA+ filament.