Photo Filter Case

Back in the day I used a case to carry multiple photo filters but these accessories have grown large with time so I scaled up the old design to accommodate size 72 and 77mm. I can now open a compartment and select a filter without top and bottom bits of the case complicating the procedure. Each filter is suspended by plastic fingers and is gripped on the edges to prevent spilling.
I started with a series of CAD drawings, converted these to DXF and imported these into FreeCAD.
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congrats. I like that you took an existing design, with which you were very familiar, and extended it to suit your needs today.

Great project! Excellent CAD skills.

Nicely done.

Thank you for the nice comments, and especially to Irv for this website! With your help I was able to fine tune some settings and am now printing correctly extruded objects.

Here is a photo of a filter case scaled to hold 48mm filters I use for visual astronomy. The case is easy to use in the dark at the telescope, and the expensive filters are gripped so avoid falling onto my concrete observing pad.
I re-invented the Dymo label using an interrupted printing method featured by Irv in one of his videos.

My pleasure. You might also want to check out and maybe even learn about OpenSCAD and contribute some models.

Awesome job!