A Useful Item For My Projects

I sure many of you, like me, have a use for small containers that can hold small parts & pieces of equipment that you’re disassembling, modifying, reassembling, etc. I found a model on thingiverse that almost met my needs, but I found the edges are too sharp.

I decided to design my own stackable dishes for small parts. Sorry @Geit; I used F360 ?. It was quick & quite easy. Of course, there’s not much to it. I printed a couple of test pieces, which are still useable, then 1 copy of the final design. I have 2 more printing as I type this.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“309”,“width”:“397”,“data-attachmentid”:5781}[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“308”,“width”:“403”,“data-attachmentid”:5780}[/ATTACH]

From rim to rim it’s 2.5"/60mm across, and 1"/25mm high.

Neat idea. Very practical.

Irv likes mentioning his Harbor Freight magnetic dish. He would probably want you to add pockets for rare earth magnets on the underside of your dish. ?

Rare earth magnet? I’ve never heard of such a thing. But then I am old and stupid. Whatever, I’m only a few months older than Trump.

You may not know the name, but you’ve used REMs (Rare Earth Magnets). They’re the really strong ones everybody uses for all kinds of things. Have you heard of Neodymium? It’s 1 of the most common REMs. One very common use of REMs is in spinning hard drives for computers.

So rare earth magnets are used to run our harddrives and god lnows what else?

You got it. They’re used anywhere really strong magnetic force is required. In hard drives they’re used to move the arm that holds the read/write head back & forth across the surface of the platter(s). Over the years I’ve recovered a bunch of them from hard drives that failed or were no longer large enough to be useful.

What do you plan to do with them?

I use them all the time. There are 4 of them on the inside of my steel clad front door. Our car keys (& others) hang from them. They hold notes, photos, recipes, etc. to our fridge & freezer. I use them to sweep an area to pick dropped bolts & screws, etc. Of course, there are other uses.

I know they are useful I just wondered if you had a special project for them.

Not a special project per se.

Well, I just had FreeCAD opened and did this in less than a minute without any measurements in FreeCAD:


Trust me, I wasn’t trying to suggest in any way that FCAD couldn’t do it. I knew it could.

While it likely wouldn’t matter for something this simple, I’m finding FCAD’s issues with going back & being able to fix or change something, then move forward again, to be more & more of a hinderance. As long as I proceed straight through without making changes to previous sketches, everything is good. But, if I make changes to an early sketch it often breaks the model and I have to fix it. That doesn’t happen with F360. Not being able to go back is really an issue for me, because I have used an interative approach to design for decades.

Hey guys! Any links to STLs or FCAD file? ?


I’ve uploaded both the F360 & STL files in a ZIP.

StackableSmallBowl.zip (419 KB)

I did not save mine. It is basically a sketch and revolve (like the @drvaxs vases) and I used the thicken operation to make it hollow within FreeCAD.

I just downloaded the zip file. It contains a .stl and a .3mf file. The .3mf file is not useful for fusion 360. F360 uses a .f3d file as a source. Would you please upload the .f3d file so that we can use it as a base for any modification that we might want to make?


That was stupid of me. Here it is…

StackableBowlV2 v7.zip (88.1 KB)

Thank you! Looks handy! :slight_smile: