lithophane case

Designed a case for showing lithophanes using FreeCAD:


Uses a little LED USB card, 90deg USB elbow, and USB power switch I got off Amazon:


Easy assembly. Eventually I will glue the elbow in:


Ta da!


Our family disc golf outing during Christmas.

The design came out great, but I made a couple of small tweaks for the next version which I just started printing for myself. (Made the lid snap slightly more aggressive, gave a smidge more clearance for the lithophane, and made the ventilation grid block escaping light a bit better.). The STLs for RevB are attached.

Use to make print your lithophane. Use all the default settings except: [LIST=1]

  • Shape: plane
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Height: 86.3 mm (no, not a standard aspect ratio, but not a bad ratio either. You'll have to crop your photo to that ratio for this case.) [/LIST] Important: use the default frame depth of 4 mm so the lithophane fits in the case groove.

    Here are the bits and pieces I got on Amazon:

    • LED USB card:
    • USB elbow:
    • USB switch:
    You probably have spare USB chargers, but get one of those too if you don't.

    I designed the case specifically for that LED USB card and USB elbow to center the LED behind the lithophane. Also, I measured the depth so that cone of light spreads out just right for illuminating the whole lithophane. You can always try something else if you happen to have them on hand, but get the LED and elbow linked above if you want a perfect fit.

    I left some spare clearance so you could probably get a different USB switch or extension cable if you want to.

    lid_revB.stl (1.21 MB)

    case_revB.stl (1.24 MB)

  • Outstanding. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

    I find it remarkable that as “makers” so many parts are available a click away. Click online, or click on your 3d printer.

    I started designing one to do the same thing but got side tracked and never finished it. I will say I like your design much better than mine. The angled back to help project the light is a great idea, well done. Thanks for sharing.

    Very well done @mochalatte. I’m currently working on my own design, quite different from yours. I’m working on a built-in push-button power switch ATM.