Gadgets and Other Devices

Hi Dr Vax,
Is this section where we might talk about other gadgets not 3D print related?

Eg. Security cameras, wifi / networking, solar panels etc…
I know with each of these setups, it took me a fair bit of research to find out what I needed to do to get these different gadgets up and running. Happy to help others if I can :slight_smile:

This section was designed for discussions about making things with electronics. I will add another section for Gadgets and Other Devices. Great name.

I would be interested in interesting ways to illuminate lithophanes with leds and 3 volt batteries. I have seen some on thingeeverse but none impressed me very much. To my mind each lithophane should be a stand alone lamp with an easily changed battery and a practical on/off switch that properly illuminates the lithophane. I have no experience working with LEDs so I am looking for ideas.

I bet, using an Arduino, it would be possible to make a lithophane that automatically comes on when it senses motion, or maybe infrared heat.

The same idea as house alarms and automatic lighting systems. They probably have plans for such things on the internet. I have an arduino uno and an en extra 8 bit ender 3 board sitting around doing nothing.

Check out the PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor on Arduino tutorials on YT.

I shall have a look.