Interesting video on moon lamps for multiple reasons.

Are Moon Lamps REALLY 3D Printed? - YouTube Are moon lamps really 3d printed.

How do you find the components to do a similar lamp. Is there any easy way? I was looking for a set-up like this when I was making lithophane lamps.

There are many versions of moon lamps on thingiverse. Most of them list the components used to make them. Here’s 1: [U][/U]

My friend will be very interested in that idea. I am into the second day of printing one of his lamp designs that discloses the fact that he is a big pot smoker. It is only half done but is printing beautifully until I run out of filament. I was concerned a few hours ago when it start making a horrible noise every half hour or so and after rushing into the room to see what was going on a few times I realized my 3d printer was haunted and it was communicating with me.

What it is doing is acting like a natural amplifier and it seems to drag the tip over the end of this delicate support piece at the tip of a vee and it makes an incredible noise for the fact that there is absolutely no damage or ill effect. It still makes me jump when I’m sitting next to it and falling half asleep. I’m getting used to it now.

​​​​​​I am going to catch it near the end and switch in some clear that I was having so much trouble with and see whether my PAUSE command works in my new Marlin. I hope I don’t screw up a four day print half way through. That would make me say nasty words like “Oh bother!”

You may ask why we started a four day print with less than half a roll of filament. My reply would be it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m not sure why I came to that conclusion now.

Did it finish or fail? Inquiring minds want to know

2 days 22 hours and 15 seconds into it. I seem to have a never ending spool of white filament but it is now starting it’s last turn. I am really not good at judging filament. It is only 3/4 done so in a while I will attempt to put on a roll of clear as I have no white PLA at the moment.
It did actually start to fail but I let it go and it recuperated. When it finishes it will be interesting to see what made it falter. We are sure it is a design flaw. The printer couldn’t handle the chore.

On my old Power Spec with the direct drive extruder I have on occasion fed in the new filament by following the filament that was running out with the new one. Might even be easier with a boden setup just never needed to try it with the E3v2.

Yes, I have done this also @Gramps. It’s always worked for me. I just make sure the new filament is butted up against the tail end of the previous spool.