Another first I created a living breathing monster with my printer.

I can’t believe how gung-ho my friend has gotten about 3d printing. He is absolutely ecstatic about the moon that he modled and we printed out in a couple of days.
He wants to buy a 3d printer and leave it here for us to play with. This is our Covid break time where we do not discuss world madness.
I still think my Ender 3 pro has been taken over by an alien intelligence that has decided to try and drive me even crazier than I am. I am trying to track down a sporadic thermal runway error that doesn’t make sense.
I am almost resolved to buying and installing a 32 bit card but we have been valiantly trying to make the M600 command work on my 8 bit board, because we are stubborn.

I had a very bizarre thing that happened to me when I was trying to recreate the earth i.e. print a model of the earth that my friend made.

I put in my tiny sim card and selected the g code file that clearly said earth whatever. It is easy to click the wrong one so I am usually very careful with this. I immediately saw at the bottom of the main screen that it was prepping to print a file called black bear.
I dutifully stopped it and muttered to myself and very carefully selected the earth model and it did the same thing again.
I have never had this happen to me before and just thought it bizarre.
We have gone through about five different versions of Marlin in our quest to get the illusive M600 filament change command.
Perhaps that could have something to do with it.

Us old folks don’t have time to be stubborn. We need to get as much done as we can before we have to stop the car because of the Dead End sign in front of us :wink:

LAFAO I keep telling people my dance card isn’t full yet.

Just buy the 32 bit board and get it over with before you end up looking like me.

I agree with the 32 bit board part :wink:

Wr ordered four possible connectors to fix my HDMI problem to run my big screen. I don’t know what printer he will end up buying. Amazon makes far too much money from me. I am on a budget. I hate turning my printer on the side to work on the board. I feel old and bitchy but at least my printer has lost it’s intermittent runway alarm. We are half way finished printing a globe that my friend took from NASA or some place. If it turns out as good as our moon I will be chuffed. It’s 19 and a half hours at 52 % complete. I hope to forego the aggravation of watching a print that has been running for a day or so suddenly printing in the air or flashing a Runway heat error.