This is a Place to Discuss Miscellaneous Gadgets

Interesting in your follow “makers” opinion about other gadgets you may own. This is the place.

So, I am in to the Raspberry Pi. I have several, but I kind of got carried away with adding boards to it. I have a battery board, then a USB board, an SSD mSata board, the Raspberry Pi 3B, a power management board with a Fan and a momentary shutdown switch and finally a WaveShare pan-n-tilt board with a Raspberry Pi camera on it to monitor my 3D prints. It is quite tall and it amusing at all the boards I used. Now the hard part is going to be to try designing a case for it. I have been using SCAD and I really like it as I find most other CAD programs difficult. I find using 2D programs much easier than using 3D programs.

I did the same thing almost for my newer Raspberry Pi 4 except for the pan-n-tilt board though I had replaced the fan on the power management board as it would not start up sometimes. The new fan works a lot better than the cheap thing that came with it. It is blue and looks interesting in the dark.

Currently I am designing a board to connect the USB board to the Raspberry Pi USB port as the one that came it is not quite right for it in the configuration that I have it in. I just have to laugh at what I did to this thing. But I do enjoy working with the Raspberry Pi.