Meet PandaPi

I leave it here . Comments are yours.

Interesting. I wonder how that works marlin related.

I don´t see stock OctoPrint and Stock Marlin work running on one system. The timing in Marlin would kill every print as the Linux will cause trouble. So I guess this is just a normal plug and play printer board, which allows to plug the raspberry pi in.

Price and feature wise it looks ok, but I cannot find the features of the board beside connectors.

Ok,after some research, they really control the motors directly via gpio. Interesting. I wonder how well this works as a small hickup on the Linux side will cause massive trouble unless they use something special to make the hole printing stuff real time somehow.

I for sure would not act as an early adopter, as this has high potential to only look good on paper.

My guess is that RasPi works as main PC in 64 bit on the controller board and you can attach a capacitive touch screen as well. By saying " no PlatformIo " is that you can compile Marlin through your Octoprint controller since it is installed in RasPi.
A good info resource is here: GitHub - markniu/PandaPi: 3d printer firmware run on raspberry pi directly
A guide here: Home · markniu/PandaPi Wiki · GitHub
The total price of included 5 TMC 2209 drivers and a cloned BLtouch seems to be fair enough 91USD.

Certainly the price seems reasonable. If I understand correctly, you get a control board, with driver chips, and Raspberry Pi for $91.

Plus a cloned BL touch

Ah, right. Since it’s a clone, one hopes the company does a better job of quality checking than many of the other BL Touch clones.

Minus a raspberry pi, which is not included.

In effect, isn’t a Pi included. The way I read the web site is that the control board runs OctoPrint.

Yes, is not included! But anyway, is worth to use

But it does run OctoPrint???

No, it is just the driver board and drivers and stuff. You need to buy the Raspberry pi separately.

The name PandaPi is very confusing. There is actually a red warning on the pages, that the pi is not included.

Scroll down to package list::

Well, in that case, it’s not nearly the bargain it appeared to be at 1st. Almost $100 for a control board is not cheap.

Maybe not as cheap as SKR’s boards, but it is as good as a regular PC. OTOH a 64 bit board like RasPi offers much speed and "reliability " than a 32 bit SKR board. It controls up to 6 drivers ( two extruders in one carrier). You an install Octoprint in RasPi ( according site’s sayings ), online compiling and such. To be certain , we have to read other’s confirmation about it!

Check also this board:…iber_hash=g2y2
Here is thw firmware for it:

…and remember, Octoprint runs through RasPi board!

Yeah, but Marlin, too. As the steppers are connected to the gpio using.

I’m quite familiar with the TH3D board. I ran their Unified firmware until just recently.

Of course , since RasPi works as a 64bit computer, then you could install many firmwares as well!

Just look at the price. Also it runs 32bit chip and not 64bit like RasPi.

Yeah, but it’s a control board, not a computer. It’s designed as a drop-in replacement for Ender 3/5 boards.