Part Fans

On a IDEX printer is it normal for both part cooling fans to run when your only using the left extruder? I can’t find anything that indicates control of just one fan.

Never noticed before. Interesting.

I have noticed on my Artist-D that any time the printer is on the hotend fan runs on both extruders.

On all my printers when I turn them on the hot end fan comes on and runs continuously until I power off. I was referring to the part cooling fan which can be controlled my Marlin in most cases.

I assume the part fans are only running when you want them to. My understanding is that you’re asking if both part fans come on when you only command 1 to turn on.

Correct the part fans only come on when printing and when told to. According to Marlin you can control the fans indecently. However my fans must be wired together as the command M106 P<index> which I tried and it turned on both fans. From what I can gather is P0 is the hotted fan, P1, P2 are the part cooling fans. The part cooling fans may also be wired in parallel in the Marlin firmware, need to check the pin assignment to be sure. My guess is that they are hard wired together.

As a test, connect to the printer via USB and Pronterface. Issue a T0 command, then the M106 Px command. Then, issue a T1 and an M106. See if both fans come on.

Didn’t work turned on both fans

there ya go, question answered.