On The Importance Of Being Retracted

As part of dialing my new JG Maker Artist-D Pro printer, today I used the Cura extension Part for calibration to add a Retraction Test to the build plate. I then printed 15 tests using PETG filament. I think I have it pretty well dialed in; not perfect, but close. As it turns out, 1mm retraction @ 20mm/sec & a nozzle temp of 225C to 230C seem to work the best. Turning retraction off really doesn’t work well.


That’s an interesting printer. With direct drive setups, you usually don’t want more than 2mm of retraction or you’re pulling hot filament up into the cold zone of the hotend. I found that 0.2-0.4mm was sufficient with my Prusa Mk3. Another revelation for me was that calibrating my extrusion multiplier for each filament made a huge difference with fine stringing and print consistency. It makes sense: If your slicer settings don’t match your printer and filament characteristics, the resulting code can produce over or under extrusion. By adjusting my extrusion multiplier for each filament (manufacturer and type, I don’t do it by spool), I find I need very little retraction, minimal z-lift/z-hop, and no coasting or wiping.

Wow. That is a lot of work. Well done. Do you mind if I reference this in my video on this printer?

Be my guest. It is all about sharing the info & experiences.

I wonder how Irv is doing with his JG Maker. Is this going to be as good as I think it can be?