New way to reduce "poop" in Bambu Labs AMS

I would love to have a multicolor printer one day, but at the moment I still shiver when I see the amount of poop it produces in most models. In the slicer: send to infill, reducing the color swap tower and print the color swap in an object, are options, but still.

I came across this. I saw a vid of a guy who tried it with great success, so this seems to work indeed.

I had more issues with bleeding than poop. I figure the poop is what it is. I think I have adjusted mine some. I don’t use 3mf files from MakersWorld there is just to much strange stuff happening there. I don’t download models from there either.

I have the Prusa MMU2s and it is the same issue. The purge tower is more them twice the weight of the printed object. Do have the Prusa XL order. Tool changer should end the huge amount of waste.

I am looking forward to seeing how the AnkerMake V6 will perform. That too has no poop either.

First priority for me is decent customer service. I heard that Bambu’s one is spotty. Elegoo and Creality had non-existing ones for me, and Prusa’s one was below standard for me as well. My Prusa works now, thanks to the great members’ help on here, but with workarounds, so I am looking for a new brand in future.

I think customer service has become a thing of the past. I don’t think I have heard of any 3D printer companies that have good CS. I must say even though Creality’s CS leaves much to be desired. When the ribbon cable went bad on my Ender 3 S1 Plus I couldn’t find one anywhere so I contacted Creality they sent me a new one under warranty. I sent them a video of what it was doing within 24 hours they had shipped on to me. They even followed up to make sure I got it and that it fixed the issues. I have heard hoar stories about their CS but I didn’t have that experience. Maybe they have changed their ways.