New problem last night/today

I ran into a new issue: vertical wall delamination.
I was trying to print a new part out of PETG. On the print bed it looked really, really good. I was very hopeful. But, when I removed it from the bed, I found that all of the outer walls were not stuck together. I could peel each wall layer away from the others, like an onion. Obviously not good.
I tried various changes: temperature, speeds, line width, etc. None of it seemed to help. And yet, only 2 days ago I had use this same spool of PETG to make a really good print. I got suspicious. What if it’s moisture in the filament?
It so happens that I ordered 2 new rolls of PETG from Amazon because I didn’t think there is enough of the current spool to print another part of the same assembly I’m working on. So I changed out the current spool for 1 of the 2 brand new ones and, so far, it seems to be working much better.
Has anyone ever heard of humidity in the filament doing this? I tell you, the more I do 3D printing, the more it seems as though a filament dryer is a necessity.

PETG filament is well known to be hygro whatever and sucks up water much more than PLA. I have not tried printing with PETG yet because of this but now that I can easily dry filament maybe I will. I just need something to print that requires more than PLA can handle.

Guess what: the Salton dehydrator you got is not on Amazon today. It seems anything to do with 3D printing is getting really hard to come by.

Perhaps a lot of confined people are doing the same thing I am, printing and printing. My dehydrator works really well. I think. I think anyone that prints should have a dryer.

My part printed successfully overnight. Looks pretty good overall. Printing the 2nd one now. Will know tomorrow how it comes out.

I have not done much printing in the past couple of days. I need to get inspired to print something.

The 2nd large part has completed successfully. Just got 5 more bolts to print. Should be easy, right?

Whenever I say that to myself something always screws up. Good luck.

Yep. That’s why I included the ‘?’ :slight_smile: