New Models at Models @ MakeWithTech -- Check them out and leave comments.

The Models @ MakeWithTech is evolving fast, with the number of models on the MakeWithTech side growing daily. All models have customization options, and new creators are lining up to build models.

I am delighted that the application is also improving, and I just released the ability to leave public comments on a model. The comment author and the model creator can delete comments to help keep the comments productive.

So visit the site, check out all of the new customizable models, look at the OpenSCAD source to learn about the possibilities OpenSCAD presents, leave a tip (Buy Me a Coffee) for your favorite creator, and leave comments to encourage creators to keep building models.


Thank you for your review of the Ender 3 V2 Neo, I followed your paper - table leveling instructions and it is now working perfectly. my pnly other problem is that I can not connect my Ender to my Computer. I have an HP desktop with Windows 10, upgraded video. I am waiting on a data specifc USB Micro cable, should come from amazon in a day or so. any other Ideas?
Thanks for any help
Hank Stanczyk /Philacop1