New Creality controller board..

Yep that’s been out for a while now. Some of the newier Ender 3 v2’s have them.

Yeah, exactly. It appears Creality’s marketing department is running a little behind… blame it on COVID :slight_smile:

I installed the 32 bit v4.2.7 board a couple of weeks ago in my Ender3 Pro replacing the 8 bit board. I installed a BLTouch at the same time causing some headaches. Took me some time to figure out how to connect the BLTouch since there are differing versions depending on the BLTouch version and whether you want to use the adapter board or direct connect. The new firmware is has some bugs. The z-offset won’t save with the save settings and octoprint complained because the temp reporting message format is screwed up.

Have a look at the M211 command. It enables/disables software endstops. It might be preventing you from saving the Z Offset.