Neptune 4 Pro ... Worth the Money? ... absolutely

After owning a very small and cheap printer for 3/4 months I decided I would upgrade during June and looked at what I felt would future proof a new boy on the block.
I had looked at reviews and the complaint sites and had removed Elegoo from my list. After some nice people on here replied to me I was reminded of Elegoo again.
I decided to ask questions of each of the 3 suppliers I had short listed. Only Elegoo replied. I decided to go with the Neptune 4 Pro.
That was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made. The machine arrived on time. The assembly was simple and the manual and video great. The leveling was easy and the first print (a benchy) in 25 mins was superb except for one small flaw. I decided the to use Elegoo rapid PLA and subsequent test prints were great.
The final test … a 17 minute Benchy. It was magnificent. From then on everything has worked almost to perfection and Elegoo after sales service is in my opinion also excellent. They always answer emails and are always very helpful.
That is the end of this monologue … but if you are looking check out the Neprune 4 range.


I had an Elegoo once. It failed pretty quickly after a few blackouts here. Their non existing customer service made it sure I will never order one again. Glad Amazon refunded me.

Sorry to hear that Pigjes but I have found the customer service to be excellent. Also the machine has performed pretty much flawlessly.

Glad you’re happy with your new purchase @derekspain I have found that some have good CS experiences and others don’t. For instance I had the ribbon cable go out on my Ender 3 S1 Plus there non to be found in the USA. Out of desperation I contacted Creality about buying a new one. To my dismay they ask for a description of the problem and a video which I sent them. They replied back that they would send me a new cable, which ironically came from a USA warhorse. I had heard hoar stories about their CS but I didn’t have any issues.

Anyway glad you had a pleasant experience. BTW Elegoo has some great filament I use it all the time, have only used their PLA.

Creality’s latest machine, the CR-10 SE, which continues in the tradition of Creality releasing a dizzying variety of printers, has gotten away from the ribbon cable, which is a welcome improvement.

The print head on the CR-10 SE now has a little processor for serializing and de-serializing the data going to and from the head. There’s also power for the heater, the stepper motors and ground. In all it’s now a 6-wire cable.

Everything else looks like a continuation of the Ender 3 series, so I’m not clear why it’s called a CR-10. Marketing I guess.

Anyway, I think this is a trend that will continue, along with switching to Klipper, having a fully functional 32-bit processor on board for WiFi, etc. And this one is still at about the $400 price point.

Customers are getting more and more bang for the buck. I’m not sure how these companies are making a profit… volume must be doing wonders. Or maybe I’ve misread it, and it’s really just a “razor blade market”. Sell the printer at next to cost, and make profit from the filament.

Yes I find the Elegoo PLA good also although I have been using a lot of their Rapid PLA which to my beginners eye gives even better results when running at 250mms.
I will try the PLA+ next time I order from them.