Resin Printers


Dose anyone here have a resin printer? I would be interested to know your experiences, good and bad.

Good purchase or Buyers regret?

I’m literally waiting for my Elegoo mars pro to arrive today.

I have experimented with a low-end resin printer, not the Elegoo, and found it an unpleasant experience. First, even after trying every trick, I could find, I was unable to get the prints to stick to the print platform. Unfortunately, you do not know this is a problem until you wait for the print to “complete”. The materials are a mess to deal with and unless you have multiple resin vats changing materials takes a long time, is very messy, and creates a lot of waste.

I was let with the impression that unless you have a specific need for a resin printer, quality, etc, these machines are not appropriate for home use.

Please share your experience as the Elegoo has gotten very good reviews.

Thanks for your input.
I am anticipating some frustration, but hoping I can get it dialed in before throwing it out of the top floor window.
The main reason I acquired it, was to help out my sister make some prototype jewellery. Plus, I have a few other ideas for putting it to use.
Probably wouldn’t have got a resin printer just for my personal use otherwise.
I bought it at a reasonable price, and I could sell it, if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Looking forward comparing the prints to my FDM printer though. I’ll be sure to share my experiences.

Hi Stuart
I have several Resin printers ( DLP, MSLA, SLS)

Hi Vassili,

Oh nice! I now know who to ask when I have a problem, I’ll put you on speed dial :wink:

I’ve not got my machine up and running yet. I’m still working on a work space for it in my spare room.
Soon though.

With so many machines, do you use them for business or just personal use?

Business mostly. You can ask me what ever you might need on SLA printing!

Thanks Vassils.

The low end MSLA chinese printers starts with Anicubic Photon. A well known cheap resin printer together with Micromake L type have changed the game. Anicubc just made the difference by using CDB controller board -instead of Micromake- and 2K masking screen. Many people from inside Anicubic have left and eshtablished their own brand such as KELANT, ELEGOO, EPAX etc and " by mistaken " share the same electronics & mechanics architecture…

Hi Vassilli,

What do you think will be the next “big thing” or improvement in the home / consumer market for 3d printing?
Do you think we could see a cheap home SLS machine?

It’s like the appearence of the first ( long after 3dsystems ) FDM printer system from Makerbot. After Makerbot’s FFF, other new brands made cheaper FFF systems. Will be the same with SLS as well as SLA etc. I’ll post a complete guide of a DIY MSLA resin printer for a start!

I’ll be honest, the idea of the post processing side of resin printing doesn’t fill me with joy.

Well mr. Shapiro, i work with CNC machining centers for over 28 years. My second profession is mechanical engineer ( 1st is High class jewellery designer and 3d Orthotic engineer ) and dealing with designing and building cnc machining centers, gave me lots of experience in robotics.
Resin printers bed adhesion is a trick that can be overpassed for good easily. I can help on this as much as on other problems you might have.
No mess on draining the resin from the build plate on VAT ( there are lots of tricks , believe me) Changing the VAT film, choosing the right one, cheap alternatives, Z axises upgrades, Masking screens, controller alternatives, UI alternatives, slicers, add-ons, etc is only for the start. I can help and i will help you and everyone here to get perfect resin prints.
Please teach us electronics as well as programming and we’ll find the way to our problems…together :slight_smile:

I’m glad you are here on our forum. Your experience, knowledge and willingness to help will be put to good use, I’m sure :wink:

There is a Greek proverb: One hand wash the other hand and both hands wash the face.

#Vassili. Have you seen the new Elegoo Saturn b/w LCD printer? The reviews seem encouraging. Resolution is fractionally lower but it has a significantly larger build volume.

Yes i have! It’s a really good printer in big volume size for large prints. It use monochromatic masking screen and this speeds up the print procces.Cheap and affordable!

With a wash and cure station and care while working, the biggest problem with resin printing is learning how to use the slicers for a good print. I’m still fairly new to resin (have and ender 3 v2 fdm printer) and so far, have printed things for my N scale RR and some figurines successfully. The other hard part is getting going with some of the resins.