ender 3 neo v1 vs v2

Greetings all, looking at my first printer, our distributor has a decent special on an ender neo v1 as a starter kit Inc 6 small spools of pla but the v2 is quite a bit more expensive, Just wondering what the difference might be does anyone know please?

Ok so found out thanks, also just to cofuse the issue somewhat, I found out about the Elegoo neptune 3 pro, would anyone with experience of using both care to recommend one over the other please as a first printer for a total newbie, actually liking the sound of the Neptune but I hear its in short supply

I had an Elegoo Neptune 2. Was fairly decent for that price tag. But, we sometimes have power outages and the 6th killed the printer. Decent new electricity, installed by us, certified by the government, and Belgium has much stricter electricity laws than the US. Elegoo helpdesk was useless, Amazon helped out.

Same story on the Ender 3 S1. Less power outages, same issue, same useless helpdesk, Amazon helped out again.

Lesson learned: Our new printer is on a battery now, which does a good job at filtering power issues and allows to shut the printer down properly when we have an outage.

Yikes sorry to hear that, I’m in NZ so I’ll be dealing with the same distributor for both, so no idea how good the after sales might be

I don’t have a Creality machine, but there are many review on youtube that you might want to check out (e.g., CHEP’s channel). In addition to the Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro, I have also heard good things about the Sovol SV06, and the Fokoos Odin-5 F3. Our host, DRVAX (MakeWithTech) has a YouTube review of the Odin. What are you looking for in a printer and what do you want to make with it?


Thank you, I’m in NZ so options are pretty limited unfortunately, I’ve heard mixed things about both TBH so might contact respective dealers here’s Andrea see what sort of deal I can get, it will be my first ever printer, so thinking pla will be my main filiment and single colour functional type prints rather than sculpture type items, not really my thing, mainly just something thats reliable and I can in time, look at the final result and think I’ve made a part that actually looks store bought