Need PETG advice

I have only done a few small things in PETG on my Prusa and Qidi Xmax, but now I need to embark on a PETG print that is going to take up almost the entire width of the bed with a height of almost 200mm. It has a lot of angles, so will be using some supports and using Cura to slice. I have some questions:

  1. Any advice on printing something this tall in PETG? The model calls for only 5% infill, but am wondering if that will be enough.
  2. What would be a reasonable support density to use to make the supports reasonably easy to remove?
  3. My Qidi has an enclosed chamber. With Pla, I need to keep the door open and the cover off to keep it from deforming. I am wondering if I can get away with having it closed up with PETG.

I will be printing on a PEI textured bed and will be setting z axis about .05 mm above what I normally do for Pla.

Any advice out there?



This is what I will be printing.

I suspect you can keep the door closed for PETG. I would use tree supports. They are easier to remove.

I have been using 10% infill for most prints that I have used. If they suggest 5% I am sure that that is adequate. I am sure you can close the door for PETG. It requires a higher temperature than PLA. I started with PETG and when I switched, kept the higher temperature and had to learn to use a lower temperature for PLA. Good luck, I hope the print comes out the way you want.