My 3d Printing and Youtube Area

Here is a picture of how I make my videos about 3d printing. For the prior 18 months I had been using a Lumix GH4 to produce all of my videos with Rode mics and professional lighting. Recently instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new Sony camera I decided to give my iPhone 12 Pro a try. Wow. Excellent video quality and by using the app FilmicPro I was able to record excellent sound from my Rode mics. Here is a picture:


The Rode boom mic is plugged directly into the iPhone and all recordings with sound are saved to the iPhone. Then I use AirDrop to move the video (which is gigs in size) to my iMac where I do all of the editing and post-processing in FinalCutPro X. Generally preparing for a video, and editing the video take much longer than shooting the video. I prepare a Google Slide deck for each video to keep me focused and use a Surface Go, my only Windows machine, to page through the slides while recording.

Very nice setup and enjoy your videos. You sure make it easy to learn!

You’re such a talented man mr. Shapiro! Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks for the help Irv, I look forward to learning all about 3D Printing :slight_smile: