Post short videos ? trying to print a captured part

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Is it possible to post a short video to pose a question as to how to print an item?

as this is my first or second attempt to post to a forum I am very clueless…

Hi, Wally,

I’m just a few days here.

I’ve just upload a short MP4. (4 or 5 Mb seems to be the max.)
Normally that’s impossible to show what I want to share.

To me it seems possible by reducing the frames per seconde and the quality.

Now I have 5 sec.

Take a look at ‘my prints’ or how they named it.


The main issue is that all the data needs to be stored by @irvshapiro and storage/streaming costs money.

I guess it is more useful and fair to upload videos to youtube and link them.

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Thanks for getting back to me.
Now I just need to figure out youtube too!
as if freecad and the printer isn’t enough for a 70 year old to take on.

A lot of my questions are quite obvious to those that are “up to speed” but I fixed computers when the C: prompt ruled the day.

So again thanks for reaching out to me.
Who knows I might start my one channel and say Oh to do this you need to hold the shift key down!


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