Upload limited.... and more

It’s great to see I can upload MP4 to show what I created.

Only it’s limited to 4 Mb
Is it possible to change that to at least 15 Mb ?

4 Mb is absolutely to less for what I want to share.

By the way: the title of a subject must be at least 15 characters.
Can’t that be changed to , let’s say 6?
So I don’t have to write nonsense to get the expected 15?

You could also upload the video to someplace like Rumble or Oddesy or others then just post a link to your video.

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Thanks for responding.
But I’ve never heard about Rumble or Oddesy.
For this moment I must be very creative to stay under 4Mb . ( for 5 sec. video)

But it would be very helpful and easier for all of us when the limit wil be changed to a serious limit.

As said at another location. Video storage and streaming is expensive and currently @irvshapiro needs to pay for that.

From a users side it is better to upload to youtube or other sites and just link here. That is a win-win situation for everyone without additional costs.

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On YouTube, you can upload unlisted, meaning you get a link and can let anyone watch who has the link. I have uploaded huge files there even recently. Unlisted means it’s not for all public, and that could be just what you need.

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Thanks for your feedback.
I’ve done it.