iPhone 13Pro Macro Mode will Help With Youtube Video Clarity

I just received a new iPhone 13Pro which has a new macro mode. It is rather remarkable.

I used to be a still camera guy, going back to the days of film-based SLRs, now all I use is my iPhone for still photos. The only thing I miss is a real telephoto lens.

On my YouTube channel, I use a Sony ZV1 camera and shoot in 4k then use FCP to transcribe down to 1080p. A real camera/video recorder still delivers better videos. For videos shared on social media a phone is great but for YouTube, I find a camera is superior. I also feed a Rode boom mic right into the Sony camera which does an excellent job of recording with very little noise.

I will be using the iPhone 13Pro to add better closeups of prints, components, etc. to my videos and as a second camera for a second video angle. Then I use the FCP multi-cam support to sync on the audio track and select the appropriate video source. This is the same approach I use when capturing a computer screen or phone screen when also including live video.

Here are two photos the first in regular mode and the second in macro mode.



It is remarkable how phone cameras, and especially the related software, have advanced over the past few years. It’s at the point where the big-name camera makers have had to get off their collective behinds and improve their products. Olympus may not be the last victim of failure to innovate.

It looks impressive.