My youyube is behaving strangely.

For the past couple of days YT doesn’t have comments or a scroll listing of other videos to watch. Some buttons to get to the home page are deactivated. Is this anyone else’s experience?

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“large”,“data-attachmentid”:4478}[/ATTACH] This is what my screen looks like and I would like to know if that happened to everyone or did I do something?

I’m not seeing that on my Win10 computer. It looks normal to me.

I wonder what happened. I don’t see how to fix it. Maybe I should download a new YT.

I don’t want to lose my subscriptions.

Maybe you could try a different browser (you know, just for testing purposes).

I just did and it worked now but I cab’t post on the forum without reregistrating. Every site is wanting me to sign i, I think I’ll just use

I updated my firefox browser and things are getting back to normal.

Now they are screwed up again.

It was working in firefox and now it screws up youtube again.

Try clearing all buffers from settings. Just the history and so, not your saved password. This should be somewhere in settings.

Do I have to clear out my subscriptions?

Of course not. Those are stored on the youtube server.

Youtube changes stuff everyday. On MorphOS (the operating system I use) we used a script to force video playback to html5 standard and it broke every now and then, because they modfied the html pages.

The most important thing is that flash is gone now and you should check if any flash plugin is still there. It should be deleted and rest in hell.

It looks like your browser is using some files from old and some file from updated youtube. Thats why I ment to clear the browser cache in settings.

If clearing the browser cache (FireFox > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Clear History … ) doesn’t work, shut the Mac down and restart (this forces it to run maintenance scripts). If that doesn’t help, run Disk Utility (boot from another volume if possible).

Do you have TimeMachine backups?


Thank you gentlemen that seems to have worked.

If I may prevail on you gentlemen with another question. My new OLD macbook pro has a HDMI port that doesn’t work. I have two other old macbooks beside this that don’t work but their hdmi ports work. I know that it is the port itself that doesn’t work, I have tested my External screen with my room mate’s identical new OLD mac and the screen lit up. Would it be easy enough to swap this connection or should I try to find a technician to do it?

It could also be the chip itself having issues. Also swapping a HDMI connector is nothing you can do with a soldering iron. You need at least a very fine tip and magnifying glasses. The best tool for this job is an air flow soldering system and then it is still tricky and needs a lot of experience.

-> ask an expert in that department to swap the port and give it a try, but as I said it may not just be the port.

But there is one thing you can do. Look into the port and check if all the wires are straight. If there is visible bending, then you may be able to fix the thing using a needle.

What model is your “new OLD macbook pro has a HDMI port that doesn’t work” (Apple > About This Mac)?

What is wrong with “the two other old macbooks beside this that don’t work but their hdmi ports work”?


Macbook pro with macos sierra from late 2011.

I just spent about an hour tring to get back into the forum.

I poured a xmoothie over one and the other one just died one day. Of old age probably. but it was running my big screen.

Ok, the late 2011 models use a Thunderbolt port to drive a display. Have you tried a different adapter cable (Thunderbolt to HDMI)? It sounds like you have already reseated the existing cable in your tests.