MP10 - loose bowden tube

I had a long print fail with a clog and the bowden tube came loose from the z-axis side. What I need to find out is what to use to replace that tube coupler and what would be recommended to replace the PETG tube (i.e. capricorn tubing or something else). I’ve tried to re-seat it, but I think the connector failed, it won’t clamp on. I don’t think there’s a video out there on replacing that specific component - can’t print without it.

I replaced mine with this one

I learned also that i was causing most of the problem by not straightening out the filament before inserting it into the extruder. Found i was pushing the tubing into the metal teeth of the coupler causing it to fail. So bought these and made sure to be careful and straighten the filament when inserting it and haven’t had the problem sense.

Yeah, usually the couplers are quite rigid, but if you push or pull hard on them without pressing the ring properly, they get damaged quite easy.

I won´t go overboard with the couplers or the tubing. The cheap stuff usually works fine and probably comes from the same factory.

Capricorn in general is better for retract/feed operations.

1st: a small correction. The normal milky tubing you see on printers is PTFE (i.e. not PETG). Like Capricorn tubing, it is Teflon, but Capricorn is a special variety of Teflon that’s made with greater precision & is more slippery. As far a tubing couplers go, just make sure the teeth that grab the tubing are made of metal.

Like DRVAX, I replaced the stock extruder with a metal one and the stock tubing with Capricorn. The stock design of the connector is bad. You can print an adapter that accepts regular connectors off of Thingiverse.