ANET ET4 Bowden Tube

As part of my preparation for a new video about replacing stock Bowden tubes with Capricorn tubing I went to upgrade my ANET ET4. I learned a couple of things that I will cover in the video but wanted to provide to this community ahead of time.

  1. The Bowden couplers (fittings) on the ET4 are a slightly non-standard configuration. Both couplers, the extruder, and the hot end are the same. Both are the style where the Bowden tube goes completely through the coupler. Here is a link to the Capricorn site where they have an excellent explanation of couplers:
  1. Standard Capricorn tubing for 1.75mm filament has an outside diameter of 4mm. The tubing that comes with the ET4 has an outside diameter of 3.8mm. So you cannot use Capricorn tubing with the standard ET4 hot end as it will not go past the beginning of the heat break tube. You might be able to use the existing tubing inside the hot end and a different type of fitting/coupler to connect to Capricorn tubing on the outside.

More to come when I publish the video.

I was just looking at this upgrade for my CR-10 Mini. I look forward to your video.

The video is live.

[video=youtube_share;wZD_-aeODfk]Installing Capricorn Tubing and Anet ET4 Thoughts - YouTube

Hello Irv Shapiro i have seen your latest video regarding the Anet , and the problem regarding tube when switching to Capricorn tubing so it cannot go in as the hole is 0.2mm too small. well, not everyone has access to different tools but here the problem was very easily solved by using an HSS Handdrive Ø4 H7 DIN 206 Form B so that the hose could easily and easily get to the bottom.

mvh William H