PTFE tube failed

Hai welcome everyone I am new to 3D printer field . Last month I purchased AnetET4 model that’s work good but now I have face problems under extrud due to PTFE tube connector failure…now I want purchass tube and 2 connector any one can suggest where I can purchase suitable tube and connector for my model…
advance Thank you

I assume the Anet uses the standard PTFE tubing and connectors. They can bought be bought from Amazon. There is, for example, this complete kit:

Thank you for your response it very helpful…may I know exactly what model size connector used in Anetet4…

I don’t know the Anet specifically, but I assume it uses the M5 threaded connector, like pretty much all the lower cost 3D printers. In any case, they give both sizes in the kit.

Thank you ???

Please see this DRVAX video before you buy Capricorn tubing: Installing Capricorn Tubing and Anet ET4 Thoughts - YouTube ANET hotend uses PTFE tubing that is smaller in diameter than Capricorn.


Edit: I just noticed in the comments that ANET provides a link for a replacement:

Good catch @Alan. I hadn’t seen that video. The power of the community comes through again; this time to save my butt. :slight_smile: It’s really a pity that it’s not possible to use Captube. I think my first upgrade if I had an A4 would be to fit an all-metal hotend.