Monoprice Ultimate 2

Dr Vax,

I hear you talk about the Monoprice Ultimate 2 and you have nothing but good to say about it.

I have a problem with mine. Mainly support and finding parts.

I find that the support line is useless and the replacement parts are unavailable. And they are still selling the machine.

I have have luck solving the problem with the clicking of the feed gear. The problem is that the original gear supplied with printer was very sharp and more like a cutting tool. I replaced it with a gear that I got from Amazon and now feed gear does not slip and no more “clicking”.

I Have also replaced the display board with the knob. I was lucky to get the last one on Amazon.

I am concerned that I might not be able to get other parts that fail.

I have two Enders, a Pro and a Neo and have done many repairs on them.

Pleas respond with your comments.