Modified Creality CR6-SE printer calibrates better after this fix

I saw an Australian Youtube video that promised to make the print bed more precise: He drilled 4 holes onto the metal plate and took out the 11 or so screws holding the bed to the metal plate on his CR6-SE printer. I followed the instructions but ended up having worse calibrations: the numbers fluctuated wildly. Those screws and nuts I bought from Amazon didn’t fit together well. Sloppy tolerances.

My solution? I’m a viola player (and a poor one at that), so I thought I’d try a few drops of “Peg Grip” on the four bolts. Peg Grip is a product string players use to keep their tuning pegs from slipping.

Guess what? It worked! The screws are now holding much better and the calibrations are much more uniform and tighter. I don’t have to adjust the dials under the bed nearly as much as before.

Strange fix for a strange problem.

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I would think that one could get the same results with Blue Locktite thread lock.