More Ender 7 Prints

I will use this topic to post the Ender 7 prints I am creating for an upcoming review. In the previous post, I upload my first print from the SD Card.

This print is of the “calicat” calibration print. I sliced it with a fresh install of Creality Slicer using all of the defaults. The Ender 7 profile defaults to 250 m/sec and 220C material temperature. This photo was shot in macro mode on my iPhone 13, and you cannot see this level of detail by eye.

Overall a good print but not the best I have seen. I will also create some prints at average speeds to see the best quality available with this device as part of my testing.

This 20mm by 20mm print came out to 20.17 x 20.37, which is not terrible.

There was some very fine stringing between the ears, but only cobweb-like strings.

The print was stuck fast to the bed when hot. I put it in the freeze for 10 minutes, and it popped right off the cold build plate.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“600”,“title”:“Ender 7 CaliCat Creality Slicer.jpg”,“width”:“600”,“data-attachmentid”:12710}[/ATTACH]

P.S. Let all your fellow 3d printer users know that I will be uploading play-by-play photos from my reviews and projects here on the forum.

Not bad. I can see a little ringing and some zits, but pretty good for 250mm/sec. How would it look at 125mm/sec he wonders??? Hmmm. Also, would Input Shaping get rid of the ringing, or at least most of it?

I bet it would really shine in vase mode. Could you try printing some huge shells, perhaps with a 0.8 or 1.0 nozzle in addition to a 0.4mm?