Microscope mount and extender

I bough a microscope for soldering and enhanced it a little.

The working space below is kind of limited as the lens is hanging far down into the work space, where I need to handle the soldering iron and the hot air nozzle. It was possible to mount
it different, but that way the whole unit would be mounted onto the lens cover, which I wasn’t comfortable with, as the weight and any button press at the display would push and pull on it.

So I designed my own little solution to fix that. It is not perfect, but now fits my needs.

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The black are you can see through the opening in the white part is the focus wheel. First I printed my test pieces in black, but white gives a nice contrast.

It also allows to further extent the unit, so it is easier to handle bigger boards like pc or console main boards.


Here is the link to thingiverse, with more photos and documentation on the project: Andonstar AD407 Extender and Raiser Arm (AD407,AD409,AD302) (Customizable) by geit_de - Thingiverse

You must do a lot of soldering.

Actually, beside playing with it, I did not yet use the microscope for soldering. But I had to repair and work on MacBookPros recently and there is still one to fix in storage, where this will be handy.

The 2019 MacBookPro I removed the display from, had screws to tiny I had to use a magnet to see if those are screws or just plastic dust from 3d printing. There the microscope would be very handy to get the 0.8mm star shaped screws into place. In the past I had several repairs to make, where a microscope would have been handy, so I decided it is time to buy one. :smiley:

I have a little microscope but have always wished it was a little stronger. Since it was only $27 Can as I remember I can’t complain too much. I think it is basically for coins and stamps. It is nice to be able to take photos and videos and time lapse with it too. I’m not a techie so all those things still dazzle me.

Yeah, this one can do pictures, recordings and time-lapses, too. It also allows to connect an external display and/or an external recorder via HDMI.

Probably not using it much, but a nice thing, so e.g. make photos before starting soldering to later on have reference information about orientations and values.

Hard to imagine needing a microscope for soldering, but it seems like a practical approach. Well done.

I am not talking about DIY stuff, but about fixing stuff using a hot air soldering iron. Many SMD components are easy below 2,5mm incl soldering pads.

I’m thinking you must need a fairly sophisticated soldering station to work on SMDs.

Well, I am using this one:

From Aliexpress I see the price is not all that bad.