MAX 2 vs Pro2

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What are the diferences

curious what the box contents will be when I buy either of these from amazon, which I have in my cart on amazon.

I find this interesting, Feel free to comment

What is the different from this to the Creator pro2?

The printers are the same.

The main difference are the accessories provided. The Creator Max 2 provides x5 more build tapes, x4 extra nozzles, and x10 more PTFE tubes.

Please note that the support for the Creator Pro 2 is FlashForge China ; the support for the Creator Max 2 is FlashForge U.S.A.

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By FlashForge US SELLER on February 9, 2021

My happy zone of features from what I have learned so far would be

dual independent direct extruders
Z axis or fixed bed
enclosure amenable to outside venting
200mm+ build volume
upgradeable to 275~280
magnetic, flexible bed
easy to feed from drybox