layers of model sliding to the right

I am new to this forum I am coming from the great Youtube channel of Dr Vax. Thank you for your work
When I print a test cube on the left of the bed of my printer it prints fine. if i print it on the center or on the right of the bed the layers slide from left to right. see attached picture. Could someone help me identify the problem and how to tackle it? thank you so much

cubes.pdf (1.28 MB)

Looks like a belt is slipping. Make sure they are all tight, but not too tight. Also, is your bed flat? Take a straight edge and run it across the bed while illuminating the straight edge from behind.


I agree it’s likely something mechanical –> that’s a lot of slipping. And, the fact that it’s doing it in the same area every time would point me at least to belts, almost like worn out or broken rubber teeth.

My guess is that your printers bridge is not level and is lower on the right side. This causes the print head to collide with the print, while on the left side, where the (probably only) lead screw is, the print heads z position is more or less correct. This is why it works left and fails middle to right.

Also make sure you can move the X carriage freely, when the printer is turned off. There shouldn´t be any bumps. It should take the same force to move it left to the right and back.

thank you all for your suggestions I will check Geit suggestion first * seems easy enough to figure that one out* and then the belt if needed. Thank you

I check Geit idea but the bridge is leveled and the bed is leveled. the lead screw is in the center. Changed the x axis belts. the carriage on the x axis moves smotthly when the printer is off. I have still no clue as to what is happening on this printer.

try printing 2 blocks at the same time one on the left and the other on the right.
I suspect both will be tilted

At one time or another I’ve had almost everything happen to me that can go wrong but not this. Strange.

her is a picture of a cube printed on the left side of bed and one on the right side

cubes (1).pdf (1.28 MB)

That is something I’ve never seen before.

Did the one on the right move from where it was attached to the mat when it started to print.
I assume you printed both at the same time alternating for each layer

1st, as @HVanAken asked, were these printed at the same time?

2nd, you can upload jpg files to the forum. That way, we can see the photos without having to 1st save them & then find them & open them. It also lets you post them directly in your post.

Puzzling. Have you tried running a straight edge across the bed while shining a light behind it to look for a slope in the bed? My guess here is that the bed is not flat. Also, how did you check that the frame and bed are square?